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Dance dressmakers - From Chanel to Versace

A true celebration of the link that unites fashion designers with dance, the exhibition at the CNCS in Moulins reopens its doors as of Thursday, May 21, and offers a great weekend of free access from May 21 to 24, 2020.the prestigious creations of Coco Chanel, with the Russian ballets, those signed by Gianni Versace for Maurice Béjart or Christian Lacroix then Balmain by Olivier Rousteing with the ballet of the Paris Opera, Issey Miyake and William Forsythe and many others, the Couturiers de la danse collection brings together 130 costumes that testify, thanks to an immersive and spectacular scenography, to the unbridled creativity of the great couturiers who never stop sublimating on stage, the creations of choreographers.A tribute to dance in all its forms.

From 1918 to the 1950s, the Paris Opera, mainly under the direction of Jacques Rouché, enjoyed considerable international prestige through an exceptional flowering of musical, lyrical and choreographic creations.an important part of our national cultural heritage.The composers, performers, visual artists and choreographers who marked the history of modern art were called upon.Then, more than any other, the twentieth century will have been that of dance.Russian to modern dance, from Pina Bausch's Tanztheater to the new French wave of the 80s, the currents have succeeded each other, sometimes opposing, also responding.And with this liberation of the movement will come the liberation of bodies.

Very early on, the couturiers took an interest in dance with the same impetus: Gabrielle Chanel, a pioneer par excellence, then Yves Saint-Laurent, who set the trend in fashion, followed by creators like Jean-Paul Gaultier or Christian Lacroix., Karl Lagerfeld or Maria Grazia Chiuri enter the dance.For each one, the dancers are the ideal accomplices.These collections are certainly famous but still little known to the general public and thanks to the will of two men, one journalist and author, the Another architect and scenographer, a veil is lifted over a splendid collection of dance costumes, the exhibition Couturiers de danse.

Posted Date: 2020-06-10

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